Our Business Standard


At HBI Import Export Col, Ltd., our business accomplices are either customers or clients, contingent upon their position in the esteem chain and the administrations we give to them. Our plan of action is fixated on HBI’s part as the key connection amongst customers and clients. We help our accomplices in developing and increasing the value of their business and empower them to make enduring progress. 

Because of our position as the main Market Expansion Services supplier with an attention on Asia, we advantage from economies of scale, remarkable cross-territorial and cross-industry collaborations and noteworthy dealing power with the exchange. Utilizing on our solid market nearness, customers can gain by the prevalent business terms and conditions made accessible by HBI. Then again, our degree and scale enables us to give our clients a complete arrangement of items and administrations.

Our Business Standard Life circle

Our Customers

Our clients are either makers to whom we give crude materials or specialized hardware which are prepared or utilized as their very own part generation, or retailers, for example, markets, retail chains, mother and-pop stores, extravagance and clothing boutiques, specialists, doctor’s facilities or drug specialists who exchange the item we give to end shoppers. 

We bolster our clients in getting the best crude materials, items and brands at the best cost, while giving them information and market knowledge.

Our Client

Our customers – makers of quick moving purchaser merchandise, extravagance and way of life items pharmaceuticals shopper wellbeing items and medicinal gadgets; strength chemicals and fixings and propelled hardware or specialized gear – wish to offer their items in business sectors with high passage hindrances.

We bolster our customers in advertising, offering and dispersing their items, and additionally giving after-deals administrations and market knowledge.